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S E L E C T E D   W O R K S   2

Child's Play: Sometimes with Kisses, Sometimes with Hugs
1995 by David Walker
76" x 91"

Statement:  One of the first games that children learn to play with adults is the pencil-paper game of tic-tac-toe.  It is such a simple game, easily learned and conquered even by the very young.  Having the advantage of experience, the adult is able to easily win.  However, what decent adult at some time in his or her life has not thrown a game or two of tic-tac-toe in the favor of a child who is just starting to learn the game?  Perhaps we do so to give the child an experience of winning, to give the child a sense of victory, as well as to develop the child's self-esteem.  It is an innocent and harmless deception and one that is understandable.

Looking back into my own childhood and at my own early tic-tac-toe days, I am able  to name the adults who let me win a game now and then.  To this day I can remember the happy expressions on their faces at seeing me win.  But I can also remember not winning once in awhile.  Sometimes I would lose, and that experience surely taught me valuable lessons also.  Whatever the outcome, I learned to trust and feel safe around the adults who took the time to play with me.

It is my hope that children and adults will learn how to play safely together once again, that any trust between them which has been destroyed by senseless violence and terrorism can be rebuilt and strengthened through the renewed persistence of loving-kindness.  It is my dream that children might never have to experience betrayal from adults again, that when sitting across from each other, like over a game board of tic-tac-toe, each might see in the other her or his own reflection of what once was and what will someday be.

Evening Song
1990 by David Walker
72" x 57.5"

Series Statement: Celebrations are joyous occasions for sharing the good news of personal achievement and creative breakthrough. The best celebrations transport us outside earthly time into places where all things become possible, where human energy is boundless, where the human spirit expands and encircles universal understanding. Most sweet are those celebrations that follow long, frustrating, seemingly “non-creative” periods in our lives. One of the lessons that we learn during these difficult times is that art inspires in many ways and that one way is the journey through darkness. Once our creativity has regained consciousness, it seems only natural and imperative to embrace our achievement and celebrate our personal victory.

Morning Song
1990 by David Walker
72" x 57.5"

The Other Side of Silence
© 1989 by David Walker
78" x 91"
Permanent Collection of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY

Statement: There is a silence that is so peaceful that it fools us into believing that it defines the quiet place where one meets the Divine. In reality, entering into this silence is only half of the journey because it is beyond this quiet place that we must travel, beyond this place which has lulled us into such a false sense of peace---there we will find journey’s true end. We must travel further than the silence to find our way home to universal peace and love. Beyond the silence and prepared by the Ultimate Host, there is a celebration awaiting us---a loud, raucous, energy-packed experience of endless creativity and perfect merriment. If anyone should know how to throw a party, it surely must be the source of creation itself.

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